AeliusMd Telehealth solution is complete and easy to use.Integration into current workflow is comfortable, and video quality is the best. By offering Telehealth, get more appointments now and for the future..


Connection : Easily connect with patients on any device and manage workflows better.

Visits : Share your screen, pass documents, chat with your patient, and invite a third party or interpreter, all within the virtual visit.

Clinical Workflow : Allow in-house or remote clinic staff to perform full administrative functions, such as insurance verification, pre-visit patient intake, or follow-up appointment scheduling.

Easy Patient Communication : Customize patient email and text reminders, and ensure smooth patient virtual visits.

Comply with Workers’ Comp Telehealth Checklist:

  • Patient is registered into the system via a phone call
  • Provider informs patient of telehealth connection via email or text
  • Patient consents to telehealth visit by agreeing online
  • Aelius Telehealth technology provides a video connection that allows each party to see the other
  • Appropriate CPT codes, modifiers and place service are programmed in the system for maximum payment