No. We can process all claims and invoices to your payers even if you still document visits on paper.
Once data entry is completed, electronic claims submission and payment averages 7-14 days for Workers Compensation. Employers pay within 30 days of invoice.
We recommend implementing an EHR system to better facilitate data entry and sharing of information to third parties. An EHR system will also speed up your revenue cycle management through maximizing documentation and posting charges to ledger automatically during the patient visit.
AeliusMD can speed up the process of insuring your providers on are on the MPN and other contracted provider lists with all the major Workers Compensation carriers.
Generally, no. If you implement an EHR system, there will be a short training phase and software support provided.
If you want to bill electronically, you have to be registered with a clearinghouse. If you want to utilize AeliusMD registration, the process can take only a few days.
AeliusMD billing fee is lower than most billing services at 6% of paid claims.
You can keep your staff or re-assign staff to better serve your patients, depending on the workflow created.