Easy to learn, use, and implement, AeliusMD’s Electronic Medical Records software and services will give you the freedom to practice medicine on your own terms.

Whether you're in the market for an electronic medical record system (EMR) or looking to integrate your existing EMR with your billing, AeliusMD can help. We work hand in hand with clients to tailor an EMR solution that meets the unique requirements of any practice.

AeliusMD has partnered with the industry's leading Worker’s Compensation EMR provider to offer our clients some of the most powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective, EMR solutions on the market today. Our system is more than just a way for your practice to go paperless. Our system will help you and your practice to save money, improve efficiency and practice medicine as you always dreamed. AeliusMD will help your practice achieve your goal of delivering the best patient care possible.

With AeliusMD, clients receive a clean, easy-to-understand EMR system that allows you to chart, schedule, interoffice message, code and bill, providing clients a fully integrated EMR and medical billing solution.

First released in 1983, the AeliusMD software/system has evolved into a system of integrated information management tools with an artificial intelligence (Ai ) that maintains secure and accurate HIPAA compliant records, provides instant access to shareable patient information via the Internet, and virtually eliminates clinical inefficiencies.

The system automates the core elements of your practice, including Patient Registration, Billing & Coding, Clinical Assessment/SOAP Notes, Electronic Billing Submission (Private Insurance & Worker’s Compensation) and Financial & Statistical reporting. Additionally, it provides you with a third party Web Portal Access, HL7 compliant Lab, e-Prescribing and RIS/PACS integration. 

The system is offered as either a Hosted (Web-Accessible) Service, or an On-Premise (Client-Server) installation which are both flexible and affordable. The system has been successfully implemented in many Occupational/Industrial &Urgent Care clinics, thus, the EHR is very well proven in the market.